How Can a Gastroenterologist Help With Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux may start as a mild or occasional problem, but progression can lead to daily discomfort that interferes with your quality of life. The best time to visit Dr. Parviz Gholami at Calabasas Advanced Gastroenterology is when you first start noticing an increase in the occurrence of heartburn. Calabasas, CA, residents have access to first-rate care from a compassionate, experienced gastroenterologist who understands that heartburn isn’t just a mild problem to dismiss.

Living with Acid Reflux

If you aren’t sure if you need to visit an acid reflux expert, think about how your heartburn is impacting your daily life. The following questions may help you determine the extent to which it’s impacting your quality of life:

  • Do you make food choices based on how certain foods are likely to make you feel? 
  • Do you stay away from some foods because they’re likely to kick off a heartburn attack? 
  • Do you worry about eating at work or while away from home because you don’t want heartburn to interfere with your performance or comfort? 
  • Do you experience so much discomfort after eating that you occasionally or often cancel plans or go home early? 
  • Does heart burn determine any aspect of your daily lifestyle? 

If you know that acid reflux is controlling your food choices and interfering with your enjoyment of meals, it’s time to visit Dr. Gholami to discuss treatment options.

How A Gastroenterologist Can Help

Dr. Gholami can help ease the symptoms of acid reflux for short- and long-term comfort. It starts with assessment and diagnosis, but the real help comes with an individualized treatment plan.

Assessment & Diagnosis

Our gastroenterologist will start with a complete assessment of your symptoms. They will determine the extent of your acid reflux and the impact it’s making on your health and quality of life. An official diagnosis will help you understand what is causing your reflux and what you must do to stop the discomfort.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our experienced gastroenterologist will create a treatment plan that eases discomfort immediately while relieving issues that are causing the reflux. Your goal isn’t just to feel better. You want to solve the underlying problems so that heartburn is no longer a concern.

Get Help with Acid Reflux in Calabasas

The longer you wait to treat your acid reflux in Calabasas, CA, the longer you must live with the discomfort. Dr. Gholami offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment at Calabasas Advanced Gastroenterology. Call (818) 696-8840 to schedule an appointment and start your personalized treatment plan.

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